North Georgia Veterans

How to order and wear the official NGV uniform

NGV Offical Uniform -The uniform consists of the following components:
Navy blue blazer,

grey slacks / skirt,
white shirt / blouse,
appropriate service tie / scarf, (see link below to order tie)
NGV name badge worn on the right lapel
black shoes and socks
authorized miniature medals. (see link below to order authorized medals)

Order your NGV name badge -
Click on the following link to download NGV name-badge order form -
 Name Badge Order Form UPDATE 2021.doc

To order imprinted NGV apparel -

Click on the following link for instructions on how to order apparel -
To order imprinted merchandise contact.doc

Service tie –
Each military branch has a distinctive service tie, which is part of the NGV uniform.Service ties can be ordered using the link below.  Please call the vendor if your branch necktie can not be located.

Military Neckties

Military miniature medals -
Medals for each military branch can be ordered from the same company , click  this link to order –

This picture illustrates the proper placement of the miniature medals worn with the NGV uniform.


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